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Works Package Done On This Audi A4

When this specific customer had called, we were told this was a newer car and he wanted the full service mobile detail. The reason a customer with a new vehicle will want full service auto detailing is due to the fact they want to sustain a cars look.

With Florida’s weather, customers understand that they need to protect their investment a couple of times in a year, in order to sustain the dealership quality looks. So we started off by vacuuming out and doing an interior detail. After we vacuumed the car out, we cleaned all the rough to get areas and conditioned the leather on the seats.

We finished up by doing the glass and than got on to the exterior.

When we do an exterior detail, we do a hand wash with a microfiber towel in order to make sure we are very delicate with the cars paint. We like to do the rims separately and work on one aspect of the vehicle at a time. After the rims and the wash is done we dry with more microfiber towels. Once the drying process is done than we do the exterior glass and we wrap up with a fresh carnauba wax.

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