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Why Detailing Regularly Matters in Florida

In Florida the sweltering weather from the salinity of the rain combined with UV forces depreciates the value of your car faster than any other state. That’s why a Mobile Detail can save you time and save you money. Typically, for auto detailing services, a client likes to book us once every 2-3 months in order to maintain a great look, but more importantly great value.

In Florida it is noted that someone who uses a Mobile Detailing service is more likely to not lose value on their vehicle when the time comes to trade it in.

Someone that gets Car Detailing regularly is likely to get 10% more money on their vehicle during a trade in due to higher maintenance quality.

That is why Personal Pitstop exists, because we care about cars and want to make them right by our customers. Please visit or Book now tab and pick your auto detailing package today.

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