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Exterior Detail

What We Do

Starting at $125 

Exterior Detailing Includes

-Foam Cannon Wash with 2 bucket method 

-Wheels & Tires Degreased and completely detailed 

-Glass cleaned inside and out

-Door Jams wiped down 

-Bug and Tar complete removal

-All Rubber Vinyl parts are dressed and protected 

-Hand Applied wax 

-Clay (if needed)

-Soft Mitt hand wash

-All tough areas reached

-Wheels cleaned

-Wheel wells cleaned

-Tire rubber cleaned

-exhaust cleaned


-glass cleaned.

Remember, all packages are hand done and will not be completed in 30 minutes. We take pride in our work, with quality products and quality care. No matter what package you order you can be assured you will have our best guy on the job for your situation. We take pride in walking away knowing you're smiling with your new car. 

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